Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome to the World

Hello there, y'all.  Welcome to my new blog.  The blog's name, you might ask?  What's up with that?  During Easter Vigil Mass last year, I was sitting next to our younger son (10) while listening to the homily.  Our priest discussed what's expected of us through Jesus' resurrection - we are to be New Every Day.  He went on to explain that God is quite sure we'll continue to screw up and He's really okay with that.  He just expects us to wake up each day New - that is, willing to try again.  (He also expects other stuff, but that's the bulk of the talk that stuck with us).

At 10, my son was truly impacted by this talk.  We've revisited it's message many times in our family since that day.  It's fitting that the blog be named for our simple attempts to live right and keep on trying when we [inevitably] mess up.

What you can expect to find here is information about our family, pictures and anecdotes to please the grandparents living far far away, and some insight into our Catholic faith.  We are a Catholic family of six - Daddy, Mama, two boys and two girls - living in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.  We love our history-rich surroundings and our active, ministry-rich church parish.  We'd like to share it, a little at a time, with you, wherever you may be.

Blog post titles are song lyrics.  I love music and will tolerate most genres.  My oldest son (13) will tell you that I don't tolerate long guitar riffs.  He's right.  And I remind him that I am in charge of the car radio at all times.  Forever.  No matter that he's already taller than me.  Play along and leave a comment if you can name the song.

Today's post title?  A fitting one, no?  Thanks to Nicolette Larson.

See you back here soon!

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