Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The birds above a' singin' you a chorus

I am still very much enamored with the book Little Crochet. I've worked several projects from the book and the directions are clear, correct (I hate having to find the errata on-line) and totally adorable. As I painted the girls' room and planned what art work to hang, I envisioned a mobile dangling from the ceiling. Both girls are really older than mobile age, but I liked the idea of something sweet to focus on as they dropped into slumber. And, really, it's all about what I want!
This is the Birdie Mobile project from the book. It's exactly what I envisioned and works so beautifully in the space. I used the Martha Stewart cotton/ acrylic blend because I liked the sheen and knew it wouldn't pill over time.
Both girls are thrilled, so it's a total win-win!

I've also been trying my hand at crocheting with embroidery floss. The Tiny Tee Appliques project includes patterns for flowers, simple circles, and a rocket ship. While working with the floss is uber-tedious, the result is adorable. I made a tee similar to the one below for a friend's little girl and decided it's the best toddler girl gift ever! Easy to personalize with favorite colors and can be paired with a simple summer skirt (my favorite is the Lazy Days).

Well, this one's for Irish Jig. I tend to create lots of sweet gifts, then forget to dress my own children. Finally, one for her in her current favorite purple (although she calls it pink).

And here's what she did while I finished tacking the last flower on her little shirt: scrap.collage

What I didn't photograph was what she did while I was taking the shot of the completed tee.....dump the entire bottle of glue on the table and finger paint with it!

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  1. The shirts really are adorable! Hershey just wore hers yesterday. She loves it and couldn't bear for us to put it away with the other long sleeved shirts.


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