Tuesday, July 10, 2012

So renew me, remake me

Several years ago, I decided that I don't like the way traditional crew neck tee shirts fit me. The necks of the shirts are just too close fitting. They aren't tight, per se, just too high on my neck for my personal comfort level. Generally, I avoid the need to wear them.

Enter my recent dilemma:  I volunteered to help with the vacation Bible school program at our church and was assigned to teach the 4 and 5 year olds. There's a day by day curriculum, yeah! I was more than willing to jump in and help.

I almost backed out when I was given my "Crew Leader" tee shirt. A standard issue crew neck. Gah! I felt itchy and constricted just looking at the neckline. Then, I remembered my recent foray into knit repair and construction. I decided to brave giving the standard issue shirt a make over.

I googled and you-tubed many videos and blogs concerning tee shirt refashion and I stumbled onto this one. I watched it multiple times, then took a really deep breath and cut into an older, rarely worn shirt. I wanted to try this method out before destroying the shirt I needed to wear all week. It worked like a charm! Here's the VBS shirt...


Self portraiting is quite difficult!


Ahhh, so much more comfortable!  And I even top stitched it!

Today's post title: Avalon's Renew Me


  1. You are SO good! ;-) I'm with you on the v-neck vs. crew neck shirts(which often look like they've been stretched at the collar). The "after shirt" has more class... Okay, as much class as a VBS t-shirt can have!

    We finished the "Sky" VBS program on June 29th while the storm rolled into the area and knocked out electricity to most of WV. (~Don't know if you were affected by that too... I figured you would have posted about it if so.) :-) The theme of the program was "trusting God," and boy were we that night! Thank goodness we were all gathered together in the Sanctuary when the lights went out. We walked downstairs carefully and ate hotdogs by candle- and glow stick light. Truly memorable.

    Allison had a ball, and it's wonderful seeing her "get IT," as she matures and gains greater understanding of her Bible lessons and the love that Jesus has for her. Enjoy VBS and expect to be exhausted each day! Love to you and yours.

    1. Always wonderful to hear from you! This is my first year being able to volunteer and, while it is exhausting, it's so much fun with the little folks. I haven't been very thrilled with the Chadder video and it's "reality tv" type scenario, but I have loved presenting the Bible story portion each day. The children are so funny and the answers they give are side splitting! We didn't get any damage, just lots of rain. Glad to hear y'all are well.

  2. Good for you! And how fun to do Bible Camp, especially for that age group.


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