Thursday, November 29, 2012

Prepare the way

Just a few days ago, I was discussing with Mr. Neoclassic our need to have a solid Advent plan for our family. Something a little different than years past and something that involved/ challenged us all.

Okay, fine. I'll admit that I was whining. In my mind, despite my best efforts to organize, suddenly Thanksgiving was gone and Advent was nearly upon us and my plans weren't in order! There was no written (or griddy) plan for the season. I was lost without my plan.

Then, of course, HE made it all work out and laid a plan for this year's Advent season in our laps. I should have more faith in Him and in my little family....

Last night, while Jazz and I attended our usual Girl Scout Brownie meeting, Mr. Neoclassic and the other children attended our church's Family Advent Workshop. After our meeting ended, we walked across the parking lot to join the workshop. And now, we are set with a plan, crafts, and good cheer.

I don't have pictures of the event, which is sad because I heard reports that Mr. Neo was wielding a glue stick and tissue paper. That's a sight I'd have paid lots of money to see! I do have pictures of the crafts and take-homes.

Irish Jig was quite proud of her Advent Wreath, easily put together with tissue paper squares and stickers by her little hands. She was also happily toting around her baby Jesus craft. Simple, yes, but oh so adorable for her. She found the Little People mama and daddy for him this morning.

But let's get to the heart of the matter, shall we? The PLAN. Based on the wonderful information at, our family will be taking part in the Light 'em UP! program. It's geared at helping our children (and ourselves) understand the gift we receive by giving to others. Here's a peek at the plan:

As a family we'll decide who, how, and when to sprinkle giving.  The basis is that we celebrate the works of those we know (friends, teachers, etc) and those we don't know (strangers, community service folks, etc).  We have simple notes to attach to candy canes or mini candy bars that say "Thank you for how you serve our family."

The Light 'em up! program also encourages random acts of kindness.  I like the sidewalk chalk message because we have lots of foot traffic in front of our home.  I also like the idea of the children writing notes to friends and one another.

Our Thanks! jar with all the little notes we can attach to small gifts and leave for those around us. 

What random acts of kindness can you do for a friend?

Today's post title from We Shall Prepare, by Mark Friedman and Janet Vogt

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  1. Thanks for this post and the leg work. I am going to check this one out for us. I have been trying to figure out something for Advent this year.


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