Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hold out your candle

After several years of using colored tapers for our Advent wreaths, I was left with candle stubs in colors I don't normally use around the house.  We've recycled them to wax the drawer slides in furniture and to outfit the hurricane supply box, but usually just feel guilty for using full sized tapers that we don't need to burn completely.

This year we needed a new Advent wreath ensemble because last year's met with an untimely and blazing end.  Those that know us well can guess which child instigated the blaze :)  We either have a future fire fighter or an arsonist - it depends on the point of view I guess.

My plans for a new wreath just didn't materialize.  When Irish Jig came home from Family Advent night with her sweet version, I decided to make it work for us.  She'd be thrilled and, with the stars labeled for each week's theme, we'd have our starting point for dinner discussions.  We needed candles, though, and I pondered how to make that happen without new tapers we'd be using all next year.

Then I saw this post on Catholic Icing and was inspired.  I have loads of little tea light candles and loads of crayons floating around, so I set to work.  I worked tuna meatballs into the lunch menu this week because I needed the shallow pan for melting the crayons.  It was so easy and so satisfying.  It's a bit redneck Advent looking, I admit, but we're going with the flow this year.  Easy on me means more time to talk about Advent and more time to spend with my family.  (Also helping that realm is Amazon's ship to your door!)

The lighting is a little off, but the purple ones really are purple.  We've lit our candle of Hope for the first week.  It's the hope that stems from the announcement of Christ's impending birth and the ongoing expectation of His return.  The purple color reminds us that the Season is penitential in it's preparation, while the rose is for the third Sunday, Gaudete Sunday - the day that promises our journey is nearing it's end.

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