Thursday, January 3, 2013

May you find some comfort here

Each Christmas season, we encourage the children to exchange gifts with one another.

Oh, who am I kidding? We tell the children they are expected to actually think of one another and come up with a gift idea - bought or created.

This year, the three oldest met and decided to team up for gifting among themselves. Classic Rock and Zydeco would gift Jazz and so on. They decided to find something very simple as a trio to gift Irish Jig. I enjoyed their reasoning for the group gifting:

None of us needs much and this will be cheaper and more meaningful. 


Then the creative hunt was on. Zydeco quickly decided the "perfect" gift for Classic Rock, proving that he's excellent at reading people.

The perfect backpacking mug - the handle is a carabiner clip!

Classic Rock stared blankly at me and asked about gifts for an 8 year old girl "that weren't Lego's or Harry Potter bling."

The answer would be a perfectly sized jump rope!

Jazz kept waiting for a chance to decorate wrapping paper, not really caring what it covered.

At zero hour (Dec 21), Classic Rock and Jazz finally agreed on a gift for Zydeco. He likes the Saints and he's always cold so a fleece team blanket would be the perfect gift. I agreed and headed, with Jazz, to the fabric store for the fleece. While shopping for the appropriate shade of gold, I contemplated the agony of watching Jazz tie fringe knots around the blanket while keeping Zydeco out of the way. I opted for a different finish and offered to let her help run my sewing machines. She was all for that!

We didn't find Saints fleece, so we chose a generic football motif on a black background. (I think the generic look will have a lesser chance of being passe too soon.)  She and I barricaded ourselves in the girls' room and layered the fleece on the floor. After trimming it up, we curved the edges with a salad plate template, and serged the edges with right sides facing outward. A few simple straight seams to keep the pieces from shifting and we were done! Cozy nirvana had been achieved:

One happy, cozy, camper in the perfect blanket!

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