Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My name is Fix It

During last week's days of unending rain, Irish Jig and I stuck close to home, choosing to play dress up and pretend rather than run errands. Those who know me well recognize that playing dress up and pretend is akin, for me, to having spikes driven under my fingernails. I enjoy crafts and Mr. Potato Head marathons, but frilly dresses? Gah!  I've often said that dress up and pretend are the two reasons I applaud pre-schools.

Shortly before Christmas, a family friend offered me a huge container of dress up clothes for Irish Jig. Her daughters had outgrown the dress up play age and she wanted was happy to pass along the dresses and accessories. I pulled the box out at the beginning of the rainy week and Irish Jig was elated (so was Jazz)!

Since she was content to primp and host tea parties, I balanced attending said parties with working through the towering pile of clothing and fabric repair work. Something about January brings out the need to fix, repair, mend, clean, and organize. I am seeing posts related to these topics on all my favorite blogs. I guess I am in good company!  

New lunch bag handles and repaired puppet wings.
The rainbow of thread colors just makes me happy.

New skirts for the girls (refashioned from my old one)
and a finally hemmed new jumper.
A few repaired Christmas ornaments and another lunch bag.

All of this work was made easier, of course, by the entertaining presence of my own Zamfir and her pan flute. My maestro came dressed in a tutu and was resplendent with her pink bow!

Post title from UB40's Mr. Fix It

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  1. So, in this spirit of cleaning and sewing, where is my new tarp tent that you were going to make? Backpacking season is just around the corner...


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