Tuesday, January 29, 2013

You had to be a big shot, didn't you

I'm quite willing to repair or lengthen clothes in order to prolong their useful life, but I don't often completely remake items. The few times I've tried a remake, the results are disastrous and I wind up spending more time/ money on the repair or replacement to the remake. I remember that this attempt worked, while this one failed.

But last weekend, I attempted a remake project and am so proud of myself that I just have to be a big shot and blog about it. Irish Jig was invited to the Pirate themed party of a sweet little neighbor boy and was supposed to be dressed in pirate-y attire.  Yes, I could have hobbled together an outfit of leggings, blouse and felt vest, but I had a picture in my mind....

I managed to transform this thrift store combo ($3.50) of knit jersey skirt and horrifically ugly tee shirt into - drum roll, please:

A sweet Pirate skirt and raglan tee shirt.

The eye patch is courtesy of older sister Jazz.  She cut the shapes for me to sew together.  For the skirt, I just eyeballed a good length and made a new elastic casing.  I cut triangle shapes along the hem and added a fast straight seam along the edge to deter raveling.  The raglan shirt is the consummation of this, this, and this tutorial. I used the skirt jersey as the shirt's neckline edging and did the lazy-it's-playwear overlap method to close the binding.

She had a blast with her friend and she was truly the coolest Pirate-ess at the party!

**FYI - Pirate parties are a big deal in our area because Blackbeard was finally captured, killed and (yuck) displayed through the work of Virginia Governor Spotswood in 1718.

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