Tuesday, May 28, 2013

That's something to be proud of

Farmers cycle their work around growing seasons and fisherman cycle their work around tide schedules. We reside in an area surrounded by military - all branches - and our cycles follow the deployments of air squadrons, fleets, battalions and platoons. We rejoice in the pictures of returning service men and women being embraced by family, and we pray with those around us for our departing military.

Holidays such as Memorial Day, Veteran's Day, and the Fourth of July are always marked here, like most in communities around the country, by parades and speeches. We've learned over the years that those activities are fun and uplifting, but we really prefer to gather with the friends and neighbors brought into our lives because of the military. It's not that the hoopla isn't important or isn't emotional, it's just that we've realized our thankfulness for those served/ serving is best shown through time with them.

CVN 65

Mr. Neoclassic served as a Naval Officer for about seven years, working in the nuclear arena. His first ship assignment was The Enterprise (CVN 65) and he greatly enjoyed the work. When he left the Navy, he decided to pursue a career that kept him connected to ship work. He is proud that the work he does now benefits future ships and ensures the safety of those serving on ships.

While our own family life doesn't revolve around deployments anymore, we are still very sensitive to these passages of time. We support our friends through their family separations, trying to include the children in crazy antics just to give their Mama a little break. We visit friends who have been immersed in new lifestyles that are a little scary and unknown. We open our doors to any and all needing a meal just not to be in charge of their own kitchens - since they're in charge for six months straight while that spouse is gone. (When Mr. Neoclassic would be deployed, I would pray for someone to feed me just do that I didn't have to cook. And that was just me - not me and several children!)

So, as this Memorial Day passes and the stores keep all the red/white/blue gear available for the coming Fourth of July, take action to support a family with deployed military. Be thankful for all the families you've met through the military. Some of our best friends were met because we moved to this area with the Navy. We joined a fabulous church family and found support we needed so far away from home and our own families.

Today's post title from Montgomery Gentry's Something to Be Proud Of

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