Monday, July 1, 2013

Spin me across the marigolds

For a very short time late this afternoon, the oppressive humidity lifted just long enough for Irish Jig and I to walk our flower gardens. In years past, I would dream of a bursting cutting garden and would excitedly plan the beds. I'd buy the seeds, carefully read the planting directions and follow them exactly. I'm an engineer, after all, and I thrive on order amidst chaos. (Hence my joy in four noisy children!)

Each year, the flower garden results would be blah, with scattered flowers and none really worthy of cutting.

Then in early May, I happened to read Cocoa's post about planting their wild flower garden. I was intrigued by the awesome results she reported and pictured. I was, however, skeptical about that whole "just dump all the seeds in a bag and shake to mix" part. Could I really be such a rebel???

Knowing my girls could certainly tap into their inner rebels, I tasked Jazz and Irish Jig with mixing all the seeds together and then incorporating them into a wheelbarrow of potting soil.  They had a great time mixing the potting soil with their hands and making "mud pies".  We spread the soil over the beds, watered when it wasn't raining for us, and waited.

The locals seem to like the results

So far, we have lots of zinnas.  We're waiting to see what else will bloom for us.

Just across the path, these flowers seem to be a good week or so behind their friends.

Mr. Neoclassic just finished the cedar trellis for the blackberries.
The vines are heavy with red berries and my belly is so excited!

As I was taking photos of the flowers, I heard a little voice,
"Mama, take a picture of me over here!"
She was all posed and ready, which both amused and worried me.
Are we looking at the next contestant on Toddlers & Tiaras???***

This worked so well and it's the only way we'll be planting our cutting gardens in the future.  Now I'm wondering just where else I need to break free of directions and guidelines!  I bet my children have a few ideas....

***I feel compelled to mention that I've not actually seen Toddlers & Tiaras.  The concept scares me.

Today's post title from Sarah Hart's Into My Garden

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  1. Our first year we had a TON of zinnias too! They bloom forever though. I can't wait to see what will bloom next!


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