Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The friendship and affection I need

I recently finished birthday gifts for two wonderful women who surround me in love, offer great friendship, and constantly put up with my many faults. One of those huge faults is punctuality, apparently, since their birthdays were in June and they didn't receive gifts until July. Thankfully, they both recognize my need to work on multiple projects simultaneously - maybe because they share the same fault, er, adorable trait...

I found this awesome gardening print while on my crazy NYC visit.  As soon as I saw it, I envisioned a floppy, expandable, will-carry-it-all shopping bag.  The print made it perfect for summer mornings at the local farmers' markets, especially when paired with several Mesh Produce Bags.  When I brought the bolt to the cutting counter and asked for a yard, the clerk unrolled the bolt to discover it had about two yards on it.  He then informed me, rather emphatically, that he wouldn't cut it and I would just take it all.  Okay then, who was I to argue?

I managed to make five shopping bags from my cut and decided to use bias tape to cover the inside seams.  In order to keep it more slouchy, I didn't want to line it as I would a typical bag.  I further discovered that I really like making bias tape - maybe a little too much.  I use the continuous method each time I make tape and there's a great chart here that correlates starting fabric size to length of finished tape, depending on tape width.

I kept the awesome lemon/ lime stripe for myself!

Usually, my gift creating is so far behind schedule that I just hobble together a brown paper bag presentation.  Lately, I have really tried to make myself slow down and actually put together a full package for the recipient.  I know that the presentation also shows how much that person means to you - it should be special.

For Eileen (aka I.T. Mom) - the friend that loves my inner dumb blond and my children as her own.
I added a set of crochet dishcloths and a set of dryer balls.
I used Proverbs 27:9 for the wrapping because she is sweeter for always
being honest with me - sometimes painfully :)

For my Mama - who loves unconditionally, gives unceasingly, and
is probably to blame for my inner dumb blond :)
I added a set of Produce Bags.  That purple eggplant print is awesome!
I used Proverbs 17:6 because she dotes on her grandchildren, even when
they don't deserve it.

Who's on your gift list this month?  I am hoping to start a gift this weekend for another good friend.  And yes, her birthday has already passed.  Do you have a problem with that????

Today's post title from Big Daddy Weave's The Only Name

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  1. I took it on vacation with me! It made a great "stuff I want in the hotel on the way down to FL" bag AND was a wonderful beach bag! :)


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