Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I just want to celebrate....

another day of livin'

Following a week of Classic Rock's after school practices and tournaments (he's a debater and forensics geek), we realized we'd hardly seen him. That same week saw the completion of successful school projects by Zydeco and Jazz. By the way, successful in our home is defined less by grade earned and more by ability of the child to independently achieve project goals. I'm always willing to review work or help glue, but truly believe the bulk of the work should be theirs. Some might call that lazy parenting. I've decided to be okay with that description :)

One evening last week, we declared it a "home night". No practices, meetings, swim lessons, or projects were on the horizon, and we decided to tackle a more involved dinner - homemade pizza. While the pizza making isn't hard, the timeline is longer than a usual week night meal.  As a surprise, I also concocted pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting because special, slow family dinners deserve special desserts to savor.

The afternoon started when Classic Rock arrived home at normal time and a small blond fuzzy head couldn't contain her excitement. He's usually left for school when she awakens and her bedtime is long before his tournaments end. He spent a wonderful chunk of time focused on her:

He constructed a boat, with resplendent sail, for her amusement.
(And mine, but that was completely unintentional)

Laughter, a little family friendly trash talk, and wonderful stories were shared.

Zydeco's diligent science project work and attention to his responsibilities
earned him the honor of the celebratory cupcake mat.

I purchased the kit for this little cupcake mat at the quilt show earlier this year.  It's intended purpose, as indicated by the candles, was for a birthday mat.  The suggested wording to embroider was "happy birthday to you".  As I stitched the candle pieces down, I kept thinking that birthday wording really limited the use of this mat.  At the last minute, I decided to embroider HAPPY, LOVE, JOY, and YOU around the mat.  Now, I keep it close at hand and ready to celebrate all the little, everyday milestones our Domestic Church encounters.

In the midst of the dinner laughter and conversation, I was reminded of the verses to one of my favorite psalms  - Psalm 128 [given here in verse form from the musical setting we proclaim at Mass]:

Blest are those who love you
Happy those who follow you
Blest are those who seek you, O God.

Your spouse shall be like a fruitful vine in the midst of your home.
Your children flourish like olive plants, rejoicing at your table.

This is the psalm most often used at the Mass celebrating the Feast of the Holy Family.  A fantastic explanation and reflection of this awesome day is presented here by Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio. Showing a true understanding of God's humor and love, our music minister would always schedule me to proclaim this psalm while hugely pregnant!  "Your spouse shall be like a fruitful vine...."  Indeed!

As we barrel into Thanksgiving and crash head first into Advent, I will keep the sweet memories of a family dinner, chaotic and messy, and of a doting big brother encased in my heart.  For, as Dr. D'Ambrosio suggests, this Domestic Church is truly becoming holy in the trenches of busy family life.

>May your own family's Thanksgiving be the continuation of something truly holy.

Today's blog post title from Rare Earth's I Just Want to Celebrate.


  1. What a good big brother? Who can resist those delightful curls? The pizza looks delicious!


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