Sunday, March 2, 2014

And I count it all as time well wasted

I spent most of Saturday at the annual Quilt Show. Due to crazy schedules and children with activities, my buddy Jannette and I had to forgo our tradition of giggling and ogling through the exhibits together. She visited on Friday, texting me during the day with messages of quilts not to miss or exciting new booths of notions to check. I visited on Saturday, texting back with commentary on the quilts she'd told me to find. Not as fun as if we'd been together, but still exciting to see the hard work and planning of other artists.

Here are some of my favorites:

For my SIL, Karen - a landscape with beautiful sunset.  I wish you'd
have been there to study the stitching.  It's way more work than
I'd be willing to do.

The points of the center stars were amazing.  This is the show winner.
The beauty of the work was detracted slightly, in my opinion, by
the huge fake gem glued to the center of the star. To each his own, but
I would have left it out.

This reminds me of a cathedral window.  Such beautiful piece work.

I see a bad moon rising!
(sorry, couldn't resist)

As always, there were some pieces displayed that just made me wonder why all that work?  Why cover a beautiful fabric creation with glitter, faux jewels, or plastic?  It seems strange to me.  But then, my mother would tell me it's because I'm an engineer and can't think outside of my box.  "It's art" she says.  "It's not something I'd want to wrap up in on a cold day"  I say.

Here's our favorite in the Not My Choice but Very Interesting Nonetheless Category:

It's absolutely stunning - there is no doubt about the level of workmanship.
It also looks like the Martha Stewart craft aisle exploded onto fabric.  It contains glitter,
beading, jewels, sparkling bubbles, and paint.  Wow!

Other really cool works I found:

Made by a Newport News Shipbuilding employee for her retiring supervisor.  It contains a Mariner's Compass at it's center, surrounded by photos of the supervisor's history with the company.  I particularly appreciate the corner applique concerning the FORD class - the first ship Mr. Neoclassic has been a part of from beginning design to final construction.

 A wonderful rendition of a young Amish girl.  The bow tie quilt is actually appliqued
to the bigger quilt, as you can see in the chicken shot at the right.  Such a 
cool technique.  The grass and feather detailing was stunning.

While a fish isn't really my choice of wall art, this piece was beautiful.
The fabric choices really representing scales, water, and seaweed.
The fins were further defined by beaded embroidery.
Which begs the question, "How do you wash this?"

My next post will detail a few of my purchases and some projects upcoming with those purchases.  I enjoyed sharing the show with you.  Maybe you'd like to come with me next year????

Post title from Brad Paisley's Time Well Wasted.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful quilts! So sad I missed seeing them in person. Thanks for sharing the photos. Hope you are enjoying the snow today. :-) You may have more than us.


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