Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I believe that happiness is something we create

I stopped blogging (you might have noticed??) for the summer.  It wasn't expected or intended.  It was the result, I have figured out, of not being completely at peace and just needing to step back. My work, while necessary, wasn't fulfilling and I spent a great deal of time feeling guilty for being gone.  Lucky for me, a great husband, supportive family, wonderful kids, and awesome friends helped me to remember that happiness can be created.  And it has been....

A new job will be started in about three weeks.  A fulfilling and exciting position I will be proud to hold.

I've posted several snapshots of a summer well spent by this Domestic Church.  A summer that included the following:
  • MAGGIE:  I am pretty sure I haven't mentioned the newest family member.  Maggie the standard poodle sort of fell into our laps and we love every curly, large inch of her.  She was a rescue, but not hurt or abused in any way.  Maggie is wonderfully gently with the children. She loves playing catch and chasing the kids around the yard.  The best part is that she came house trained, leash trained, and command trained.  The only downfall is that I find myself horrifyingly jealous of her long and lean legs.  The short Italian women in me is coveting her neighbor's goods.
  • PAINT and MORE PAINT: I finally stopped the family agenda for one whole weekend and managed to paint Zydeco's room.  He's been upgraded to a fabulous deep blue accent wall with the rest of the walls a version of sand.  A gift from Papa inspired the color palette.  Riding the high of accomplishment, we finally picked a color for the kitchen walls.  We'd had various paint sample splotches on the walls for months, so it's nice to have a uniform color.
  • SEWING: In order to stay sane, I found pockets of time to cut fabric and plan small projects.  Irish Jig has two new dresses (one involved the piping foot - whee!) and new jammies.  I started a sweet doll for Irish Jig that will become a "Tooth Fairy" doll.  Halfway through doll sewing, I managed to drop a straight pin into the sewing machine.  All sewing is on hold until the machine returns from its tune up. 
  • CONFIRMATION:  In early June, we witnessed Classic Rock celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation.  The Mass was beautiful and the Sacrament delivered with such grace. That grainy picture up there is the blessing with oil.   A wonderful family friend stood with Classic Rock as sponsor.  This young man has been a quiet but steadfast mentor to our boys and we feel blessed to have had him walk the journey with our son.
  • VISITORS:  We joyously welcomed Nana and Papa (my parents) for the Confirmation and a two week visit.  It was, according to my children, the best visit ever with their grandparents.  My parents would pick them up from school and treat them to lunch out, snowballs, a shopping trip, or just let Classic Rock practice driving them around town.  Nana spent an afternoon teaching me to safely launder delicate vintage linens.  I took notes!  I will post!
  • DRIVING:  Classic Rock received his driving permit in December and we've been very good about giving him opportunities to drive.  He's quite a careful and deliberate driver.  While I am eager for him to just get his license already and run errands for me, he has another month before he meets the age requirement for Virginia.  Since Louisiana pretty much handed me a license at 14.5, I appreciate the caution and extra training he's had.
  • BIRTHDAYS:  Zydeco celebrated 13 and recently surprised us all by asking to having his longish hair cut much shorter.  While the long hair bothered many a relative (Nana), I always figured he wasn't piercing or tattooing, so what did I care?  Jazz celebrated 10 with a Fiesta themed party that is worthy of it's own post - note to self.  She's taking time each day of her summer vacation to work on a variety of needlework projects and really showing improvement.  Classic Rock embraced 16, his driving permit, a summer sailing trip and a week at the NASA Wallops Island facility.  And, yeah, I celebrated yet another year....
  • OPEN HOUSE:  I always seem amazed and surprised that our home becomes the central party house each summer.  The kids' friends are invited over or just randomly show up, and we embrace the chaos.  We serve a lot of lemonade, popcorn, and freezer pops.  We make the children guests do their own dishes.  We listen to many wii competitions and board game disputes debates.  We (me really) try not to obsess about the constant dirt on the floors by reminding ourselves that we know where the kids are, that they are safe, and that we can overhear every little comment.
  • GOODBYE:  Our family said goodbye and good luck to wonderful friends starting a new journey.  I consoled Jazz as her closest friends moved halfway across the country on their new adventure.  I indulged extra sleepovers and took lots of pictures to preserve the memories.  I finally created an email for Jazz so that she could keep in touch with her friends.
  • FARMERS' MARKETS:  We start every Saturday at either the Smithfield or Williamsburg Farmers' Markerts.  The fresh and local produce drive our menus all summer and force us to try new and exciting foods - 8 ball squash??  We've also discovered the wonderful woman in Smithfield with blue egg laying hens.  Yum!  
Much more has occurred in the Domestic Church, but stopping here allows me more fodder for future posts! Create some happiness of your own -

Today's blog post title from Sugarland's Something More.

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