Thursday, January 5, 2012

Always something there to remind me

Oh, He's funny that way, isn't He?  I spent a portion of my day rolling my eyes and gnashing my teeth about a series of emails from one individual.  She disagreed with me and questioned me.  Since I follow my oldest son's attitude (or maybe he follows mine?) that, "I could be wrong, but I doubt it," surely my opinions and reasons were to be held as gospel.

Then I sat down to dinner.  And we read our usual excerpt from Living Faith Kids - Daily Catholic Devotions.   I hung my head.  Today's excerpt was 1 John 3:11:

For this is the message you have heard from the beginning; we should love one another.

And I knew this was a message for me.  The explanation of the reading went on to say that "Jesus wants us to love everyone even when we don't feel like it."  Well, I don't feel like loving [respecting, listening], but I surely will.  I will remember that this person is dealing with a very stressful family issue this week.  Maybe she's not disagreeing as much as just trying to simplify and clarify all the information to make it easier to process.

So, I will love.  I might still roll my eyes, though, because sometimes you just need to do it.  But, I will understand and be more patient.

The best part about the dinner revelation came a few minutes later, though.  When the 10 year old boy and 7 year old girl looked at each other across the table and admitted neither had been particularly loving for the past few days.  A truce of sorts seems to have been reached.  At least for now.  And that's enough for me. 

**the picture of loving, agreeable siblings is from January 2011 - the temperature here has barely dipped below 50F!

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