Friday, January 27, 2012

I sowed them in the spring

While uploading the pictures of the week, I found this one, shot late at night in our not-so-well-lit-kitchen.  Mr. Neoclassic was so content and happy reviewing his lists.  He checked his journal entries from last year's growing season against the wish list seed order for this year.  I can only assume this is what the North Pole looks like during that "checking it twice" period....
This was the perfect shot to join Cocoa's Simple Pleasure Thursdays link up.  And, okay, so it's Friday.  I'm not letting it bother me!

And since it's Friday, how about some lagniappe? You know, for the grandparents...

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  1. I need to start keeping track of what we plant. I just try to wing it from year to year. Doesn't work very well!


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