Monday, January 30, 2012

Healing water, renew me

Or, in this case, renew my home.  It's been a weekend of sickness, with three of four children succumbing to a stomach bug.  And why does this always happen during the o'dark hours?  With very little sleep and hands cracked from multiple buckets of ammonia water, it's proving to be a long day of laundry.

In an effort to relieve the house of that "smell" (which I truly think is trapped in my nose), I walked into the garden to clip some rosemary.  I found this:

Rosemary blooms in my very favorite color - Purple!  It was a sweet discovery on an otherwise bleary day.  Not the weather is bleary, just the family outlook.  It's hard to keep whining, hungry children content when their tummies won't tolerate food.
An infusion of rosemary and suddenly this house is home again.  That wonderful place of refuge, despite the mounding sickbed laundry.  Despite a two year old's constant begging for food she doesn't understand that she can't have today.  Despite a few nights of very little continuous sleep.  Despite the knowledge that it's probably not over.

I wish good health to your households.  And I send a prayer of thanksgiving for my high efficiency washer!


  1. OK - this is my third try at blog comment so maybe I'll get it right this time. I thought David got a haircut? Either thats an old picture on the deck or you was robbed.
    Keep thinking "I'm not quite dead; think I'll go for a walk"

  2. I love the smell of rosemary!

    Hope all the sick bugs leave soon.


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