Friday, January 20, 2012

She drives me crazy....with long blond hair

I know now that the words to this Fine Young Cannibals song are actually "she drives me crazy, like no one else," but in high school, we all sang it as "long blond hair."  And today, that's the title that fits this post.

I have a wonderful friend (and how-to-be-a-good-mom-mentor) who claims I am the blondest brunette she's ever known.  Sadly, I give her enough fodder to make this statement oh so true :)  And here's one more anecdote to support the claim:

A few years ago, the children and I found this wonderful door knocker and gifted it to my husband for his birthday.  It was perfect for his gardening pursuits and, well, I wanted a knocker for our home.  So, it was a gift for both of us - the best kind. 

It sat in a drawer for a years.  I found it last week while in a spurt of furniture polishing and decluttering. {And this experience should cure me of such ills}.  I decided that I was certainly handy enough with the cordless drill that I could hang it and surprise him. Wouldn't he be touched that I thought of him today?

First, I congratulated myself for checking the length of screw to be used against the width of the door.  Certainly necessary, right?  Then I got to work.  I positioned it to cover the hole from a previous owner's attempt to install a peephole and I predrilled, which totally thrilled my two year old audience.  Then I screwed the knocker in and stood back to admire my handiwork.
Do any of you know where this is going?

I shut the door and found this:

Yes, my friends.  I forgot to account for the door's recessed panel!  And that's why my husband never hung this little treasure....the panel wouldn't support it with 1/2" screws.  I laughed myself silly and left it for him to see upon his return from work.  I also remembered one of my favorite Biblical quotes:

For in fire gold is tested, and worthy men in the crucible of humiliation.
       Sirach 2:5

The book of Sirach is one of those Catholic Bible only books.  I will be happy to do a separate post on how those came about.  Just not today.  This book is one of my favorites as it's filled with awesome character building tidbits.  Crucible of humiliation?  I visited mine when the engineer in me failed to account for panel thickness!  Good thing I am really a dark-brunette-blond!

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