Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I will follow you

At just over two years old, the littlest member of the household has turned into a follower.  She'd rather be with another family member than alone with her toys.  She'd rather follow you with a stack of favorite books, demanding, "you read dis, me!"  Most of the time, we are happy to comply and to have her underfoot.  Some moments, however, uh - not so much - and she gets passed from family member to family member until someone takes pity on her.

A few days ago, the one taking pity (because Mama and Daddy were both aproned up and cooking) was the seven year old sister.  She had homework to do, so she collected a notebook and pencil for the little one.

Watching them was extremely funny.  The little one asked questions while the older one gave many of those I-am-not-paying-attention-to-you type answers that made no sense.  But for a few moments, all was peaceful in the bustling kitchen.

One last thought - is it possible for two girls from the same parents to look more different????  Blond/ brunette and blue eyed/ brown eyed and light skin/ olive skin.  They really did come from the same parents!

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  1. Must be that magical age! Julia does the same thing hauling piles of books to anyone who will read to her.

    Both girls are gorgeous! Isn't it funny how genes work?


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