Monday, January 16, 2012

That's how easy love can be

MLK Day is giving us the lazy Saturday morning we missed this weekend.  Several obligations and a Girl Scout event had us racing most of Saturday, so this extra day off together has been welcomed by all.  After a big "whole family help" breakfast, we started on typical lazy day chores....ironing, laundry, fix-it projects, last minute homework.  After a hour or so of Pandora's Contempory Christian station, my ten year old son asked for some Michael Jackson (the early years, before he got super strange).  And so, the Jackson 5, Thriller hits and similar type tunes came pumping through the speakers.

The same ten year old was playing Potato Heads with the two year old while I ironed napkins and shirts.  My husband bopped in every so often to whisk me into a dance embrace - or to do a bit of 80's style group dance gyration stuff - effectively mortifying all children in the area.  Then my son announced the latest Potato Head creation.  We'd already seen "Darth Vader at Bedtime" (wearing his mask and bunny slippers).  This time, it's "Mama".  Wait. What?  Me?

Yes, Mama with her Back Eyes (as they are called around here).  But with the added bonus of bottom-eyes.  How did I get so lucky?

And so, as ABC played, I danced with my husband and an excited two year old.   I sang loudly and laughed heartily as the 10 year old buried his face at the sight of his parents being silly.  And I committed the moment to my heart's memory.  Back and bottom eyes?  With monster ears and bat wings?  What are they telling me, anyway???

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