Monday, February 13, 2012

Baby, I'm so glad you're mine

I really wanted something fun and adorable (but not too little girly) for Jazz to wear on Valentine's Day.  While I am not huge on celebrating it with the typical check marks (dinner plans, roses, cards, chocolate, etc), I enjoy letting my children know I love them and appreciate them.  (I let Mr. Neoclassic know all this, too, because I cook dinner that night and give him a night off!)

I was browsing some of my favorite sewing idea blogs last week and saw Dana's cute t-shirt refashion.  It was adorable and doable within the week.  I finally finished - tonight.  Nothing like last minute crafting/ sewing.  I used an outgrown sea foam green tee-shirt from one of the boys and the only size of heart doily in this city, apparently.  I am really inexperienced at sewing knits, but I sucked it up and did it anyway.  It worked - yeah me!  I'm not even letting my type-A self worry about the wonky cut sides.  That's a big step for me.  Did I mention the Engineer part???

I had plans to make one for Irish Jig, as well, and painted a heart for her.  Then I realized the heart would practically wrap around her bodice from armpit to armpit.  Not really the look I was going for, so she'll have to settle for extra hugs and a hand-me-down shirt from last year's celebration.  She'll probably want to wear her Mardi Gras tee shirt again, anyway :)

Since I know better than to make the above tee shirts for the boys, they'll have to settle with opening their lunch boxes and finding a container of red, pink, and white M&M's - with a LOVE note from their Mama!  Just what every boy needs at the lunch table.

Enjoy a celebration with your own loved ones!

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  1. Mr. Neoclassic would like to point out that he does not have expensive hobbies like golfing.


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