Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cold and frosty morning, there's not a lot to say

The temperature at 6 this morning was 27 F and there was, indeed, frost on the vehicles. 

I am listening to the workmen under the house banging out all of the duct work and hoping we really do reach the predicted high of 58 F.  After several years of knowing our home's original duct work was in disrepair [read: practically non-functioning], we've had to move forward with the replacement work.  [Side note: we live in an historic neighborhood that we adore and it comes with the headaches of owning an historic home].

One might wonder about the wisdom of replacing duct work in February - the coldest month for our region.  I am suddenly reminded of a comment made to me years ago by my father...."you know, I don't worry about you and Mr. Neoclassic because, when you totally jump off the cliffs of insanity, you do it together."

Uhm, thanks??

Well, finding the duct work laying useless on the ground of the crawl space necessitates a few days in February without heat.  We have borrowed space heaters from a good friend and have the gas logs pumping.  Extra layers of fleece and hot soup/ beans for dinner this week will keep us toasty.  And maybe the extra cuddling will bring some of the winter-blues-sibling-angst under control.

One could hope.  My original plan for the "Tale of the One Valentine's Fancy Dinner Out" will have to be delayed as I calm Irish Jig each time the clanging and banging under us surges.  Here's hoping you're toasty warm.  I think it's time for another pot of coffee.  I do love to hold a steaming mug in my icy fingers!

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