Friday, February 10, 2012

Because the days we are given are gifts from above

My original plan was to post a family recipe for a fabulous dessert.  However, I forgot a key ingredient at the grocery.  Add to that a caterwauling toddler who seems to confuse our Benevolent Dictatorship home with a Democracy, and we have the need for a short post.  I just put Irish Jig down for her nap, but she apparently believes nap times to be up for a vote.  She has a vocal vote.

Let me state upfront that the pictures contained in the post are not the best quality.  Reason number one being that I don't understand half the buttons and dials on my sweet Cannon EOS, and reason number two being that our entryway/ foyer is either sun drenched or pitch black.  It has no middle ground and photography in this space is nearly impossible...for me.  That said, let's continue.

[There is no longer noise coming from the bedroom, so apparently, she was tired.  Now I don't feel like a horrible mother for leaving her in there to rest.]

This little array of photographs was a project that had been in my head for many months.  In the spring of 2008, I finally made it happen.  We bribed the [then] three children with the promise of breakfast at their favorite locally owned pancake joint.  The whole family was up, dressed in Mama chosen outfits, and buckled into the van 15 minutes before sunrise.  We drove across the peninsula to the beach just in time for sunrise.

I think I saw this idea on a website many years ago, before pinterest, so unfortunately I can't give credit.  Other than to say this whole idea is only partially mine.  For several months of 2008, this song by Superchick was playing on the Christian station.  On the whole, I didn't really like the borders on rap with more spoken-than-sung verses.  But the refrain was so catchy.  And it stayed in my head as a message for our little domestic church.  So let's take a closer look:

Mr. Neoclassic and a three year old Jazz.

We live, we love

The children and me, laughing as we circled
 We forgive and never give up

The children, together watching the waves
Because the days we are given

The boys and Mr. Neoclassic throwing driftwood pieces into the water
Are gifts from above

The boys, ages 6 and 9, together
Today we remember to live and to love

Put it all together and you get:

We live, we love.  We forget and never give up.  Because the days we are given are gifts from above.  And today we remember to live and to love.

This is the first thing we see as we enter the house and the last thing we see as we leave.  I see it and smile, with a little prayer that the message will be with us as we gather together inside or go among others outside.

And I am also seeing the lack of Irish Jig in those pictures, so maybe it's time for another breakfast bribe!

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