Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I can bring home the bacon

The children's school encouraged them to Dress for Success today and wear the attire of a profession they've dreamed of achieving.  Jazz opted for Cowgirl.  The straight laced mom-engineer in me wanted to argue this, but then I remembered, she's in second grade!  At 7, Cowgirl sounds pretty darn exciting, I bet.  So we dressed as a Cowgirl, complete with braided hair, bandana, jeans, and button-down shirt (all at her direction).  Okay then.

Zydeco tried to pass himself off, in normal tee shirt and jeans, as a regular guy.  His older brother pointed out that regular guys dressed like that end up sorting the mail in the basement of the building.  Oh, how I love 13 year old sarcasm!   Zydeco then campaigned for Quarterback, stating he'd wear his beloved Drew Brees jersey.  And, well, maybe we should have let that go, but he was a little sassy this morning, so we vetoed and he rallied for - wait for it - Daddy the Engineering Supervisor on Casual Fridays.  Apparently, this means dress pants, no belt and a polo collared shirt.  Mr. Neoclassic was quick to point out that he always wears a belt and tucks in his shirt.

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