Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'm still walking down memory lane

I've been putting together a talk (or a portion of a talk) concerning the Eucharist.  I will be presenting it this coming weekend at a parent's retreat workshop.  While speaking in front of a group doesn't cause me concern, making sure I have my information properly documented and my facts in check has me double checking things.  Many of the pictures and images I am using are from our family files and walking down that memory lane has been a sweet adventure.  I thought I'd share some of them with you here.

Classic Rock, age 7, on the day he celebrated Eucharist for the first time.  He was so tiny in comparison to his height today!

A much younger Mr. Neoclassic and me on our wedding day - 1993!  (The blue carpet is hideous)

Classic Rock's Baptism was a double celebration.  He'd spent a few weeks in the NICU, so being able to gather with family and friends was such a huge miracle.  That little woman in green next me?  My Nona who was so excited to be present for his Baptism.  She was in her mid- to- late 80's.  (I'm the one in pink; Mr. Neoclassic has the red beard between Nona and me)

Given the talk's topic, I wanted to find some pictures of the children gathered around the altar as Father prepared the gifts of Bread and Wine.  I found a great one - that's Classic Rock's back in the blue jacket.  Also shown are the gifts ready for presentation at the Offertory portion of Mass.


 I even found a rare whole family photo.  Usually, one of the adults is on the other side of the camera!  This is Christmas 2009 and Irish Jig was only 7 weeks old.  We went to the Midnight Mass, which is always such a beautiful event.  The brass ensemble plays, the choirs sing, and the candles light the worship space.  And the children actually stay awake for the entire event :)


And last, but certainly not least, is a recent shot of Jazz just after celebrating the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time.  Her smile was radiant.

 I am looking forward to my talk and the information I get to share with other parents.  Eucharist is such a wonderful experience and I am honored to be discussing this very special meal.



  1. Fun pictures! I hope you can post the presentation so I can learn something new.

  2. Cocoa - I would love to...if I had any clue as to posting a power point slide show! I think I need a technology class :)

  3. Love the photo from CR's baptism. Who are all those people? Ha!


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