Friday, February 17, 2012

Peace is mine and joy completely

A most awaited and anticipated day has arrived! The day that Irish Jig contently plays with her toys by herself!  

She's now two years and three months and, up until this past week, has pretty much wanted one of us to play with her.  She'll happily sit for an hour playing Potato Heads - if someone is there with her.  Otherwise, she just follows us (me mostly) around watching what we do.  And I totally get that's part of her learning and understanding how the world works.  But I also really have needed her to just sit and play so that I can get something accomplished - dinner preps, laundry, a bathroom break - I don't ask for much.

While I finished up the breakfast dishes and started a load of laundry, she wandered up to her room (she shares with Jazz) and started playing with the Little People.  These are the original sets/ pieces that my older sister and I played with as children and I am so very thankful that my mother stored them for her grandchildren.  My nephew had them for several years, then graciously passed them to Jazz and Irish Jig.  I heard the clanking of pieces and the tell-tale sound of the camper truck rolling along and I silently crept upstairs to find the above setting.  So sweet!  She was talking to the people and telling them what to do.

Of course, she heard me eventually and started following me again.  That's the way it goes and it's beautiful.  Except that I started typing this and now I hear the toilet paper roll in action down the hall.  See you later!

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