Saturday, March 3, 2012

Daddy's taking us to the zoo tomorrow...

Before telling you why I picked that Peter Paul and Mary song, a short story:

Friday was the birthday of Dr. Seuss.  I honestly consider most of his books to be too far above the beginner reading level and quite tedious to work through.  For example:  The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins and The Sneetches and Other Stories.  Those are just painful to read, in my opinion.  But I must say that I kind of enjoy Green Eggs and Ham.  I think because I've memorized it and can read it to a child while totally thinking about something else - a trick we mamas all need occasionally.

That said, when Jazz came home excited because her school celebrates Dr. Seuss day by allowing the kids to wear Seuss-y clothing or hats, I was happy to oblige.  Actually, I knew about this little tradition and, while shopping at the quilt store with Nana many months ago, picked out some fabric for a simple skirt.  Even better, Nana treated us to the fabric :)

I decided to modify my favorite simple skirt pattern - the Oliver + S Lazy Day Skirt - by replacing the ribbon hem with a contrasting band.  I think the whole thing took thirty minutes to complete.  My kind of project!
Jazz was thrilled with the skirt, but we had some difficulty finding a shirt that would work.  It's almost spring here and the shirt pickin's are slim because little people have out-grown or stained the majority of their wardrobe.  Maybe a better mother would have forseen this and bought a new shirt for the occasion?  Maybe in my next life I'll be that mother.

Irish Jig and I celebrated the good Dr.'s birthday at the local library with reading time and rhyming games.  Then the clown arrived and made all the children balloon hats in red, white, and turquoise.  Amazingly, all the hats were different - which took some imagination.  After her nap, she enjoyed her hat and birthday cupcake:

Oh, and today's title?  We are off to the National Zoo tomorrow.  A road trip, metro ride, and noisy zoo animals - yippee!  We are meeting Mr. Neoclassic's brother, his wife and their three children who are visiting the area from much further north.  We haven't see our cousins in almost four years so it's sure to be a laughing, antic filled day.  Pictures next week - especially for Grandma and Grandpa who can't join us.  Grandma, I promise one shot of all seven.

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  1. Love the skirt - are there any scraps left over? We celebrated by dressing as the Grinch again this year - complete with the green hair. Hope you had a fun visit to the zoo!


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