Monday, March 5, 2012

We've been to the zoo, zoo, zoo; How 'bout you, you, you?

We had a fabulous day at the National Zoo.  It was a great meeting place for the children since zoos encourage running from exhibit to exhibit.  I really couldn't see us herding seven children who wanted to chat and trade life stories through the National Art Gallery, for example.  Then again, my youngest niece (the blondest of the group below) didn't say "boo" to anyone outside of her household all day.  She did finally talk to Jazz - or maybe she was just listening to Jazz?  Hard to tell when Jazz is involved.  The girl can make conversation with a pole.  And, yes, she does get that from me, thank you very much.

The elusive red-headed little boy in the photos is my adorable and hilarious 7 year old nephew.  He was quite camera-shy unless he was taking the photos.  I managed one or two shots, but never direct shots...I had to be sneaky.  He and Zydeco seemed to find each other - probably because they were boys in that sea of similar-aged girl cousins.  Classic Rock followed his uncle around all day, soaking up great pearls of wisdom that will come back at me in one-liners.  Thanks so much Uncle J.  I know you and I fear what he learned yesterday :)

Grandma, I had foolhardy visions of the perfect family photo in my head.  Aunt K and I discussed possible backdrops and the best time of day to line them all up.  In the end, we got what we could and that was only after threatening encouraging a particular few (from both sets) to play along nicely.  They are seven unique and totally individual beings.  But they are yours and you love them all the best.  Or do you really love me the best?

More tales later.  There's the car-ride and family argument over who's MP3 player to plug into the system, the Metro ride a la Clampett's Hitting the Big City, my impressions of the National Zoo, and dinner for 11.  Oh, and the highlight of the day for me?  I'd love to say it was hugging my oldest niece and having her tell me that she didn't care what I send for birthday because it's always wonderful.  But it was really that Irish Jig decided to finally use a resting facility in time.  You know, before the deed is done, so to say.


  1. So glad we got to visit! We have made it home today, after a long day of travel. The kids are plugged in and "resting".

  2. This is Karen''s mom and I read your blog all the time. It comes in my google reader so I don't usually see where you can post a comment. I told Karen to tell her how happy I was to read about the zoo trip and she said - LEAVE a comment. So I am. I do not miss a posting!!
    So glad you are in Karen's family!


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