Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hey hey we're the monkeys, people say we monkey around

Oh, come on.  It's a post about the zoo....of course I had to use this one!  And, really, if you'd been anywhere around the band of monkey children we herded through the National Zoo, you'd be singing that, too.  We checked out the gorilla house and decided, at that point, that the National Zoo monkey/ ape area doesn't hold a candle to the Audubon Zoo area in New Orleans.  The enclosure was partially indoors, with no venting, and actually could have used a fragrant candle or two or two hundred.  They did have a cool system of overhead cables running through part of the zoo and, at times, would allow the orangutans to swing along the cables.  We caught the tail end (literally) of one finishing his route.  On the subject of tail ends, it seemed as though every monkey, ape, gorilla, lemur or other primate we encountered was busy scratching his or her posterior.  The children (and, okay, me too) found this vastly amusing.  You can thank me later for not allowing Zydeco to photograph every. single. one.  He really wanted to do so.

Zydeco did swipe my camera at the elephant enclosure.  I must have 15 pictures of various elephant parts at various angles.  Here's one for amusement:
Not a bad shot for a 10 year old standing 50 feet away.  Jazz managed to sweet talk her Aunt into using their little camera most of the day.  I am very afraid that's where all the primate bottom pictures are.  Irish Jig spent a great portion of her day in the following position:
Oh how I love to exploit my tall and strong thirteen year old!  Let me count the ways in which he dotes on this small child....until she needs a restroom visit.  Then she's mine again.

Here's another group shot for Grandma....only you'll notice an elusive red head is missing.  Well, he's actually there hiding behind his daddy.
The oldest niece was laughing at something and my oldest was looking adoringly at his crazy uncle.  This might have been about the time Uncle J was instructing the children to place their mouths on every railing, being sure to run their tongues along as they walked.  You only think I am joking.

We also stopped at the Panda exhibit, which was awesome.  Especially when the very large Panda decided he (she?) was hungry and ready to re-enter her indoor enclosure.  He stood on his hind legs and beat on the enclosure door.  I don't think we truly realize how large those cuddly looking animals are.  The little baby pandas were adorable and some little girls wanted to take them home.  We settled for these instead:

We stopped for lunch at the Panda Cafe, where Classic Rock and Uncle J proceeded to request items such as a Pandwich, Moo gu gai panda, Panda pot pie, and Panda con queso.  They just aren't right.

Primate bottoms, naked mole rats, and panda dishes aside, we had an awesome time and were so thrilled to meet up with this group.  I really wish we could see each other more often, and hopefully we'll be able to in the future.   In the mean time, I'll have memories like this to cherish:

Asking if "you my sister" and learning the word "cousin"
Dinner together before heading in different directions on the metro.  The red head spoke to me!

Enjoy family, my friends, wherever they may be.  We sure do.

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