Monday, March 19, 2012

I am working out my plan

I am just wondering....does anybody else mop, dust, or fold clothes just to be busy enough for your mind to cogitate on your list of things to do or the hurdle in front of your current project? Mopping is my go-to think chore. The repetition of pushing the mop allows my mind to flip through a problem's facets and arrange a solution. And the resulting clean floor seems to make the clean decision so much easier to discern. I mopped several floors today and I think I've conquered the issues at hand. Nothing earth shattering or pressing, just everyday needs that required some prioritizing.

I actually took a picture of my newly mopped, still wet floor. Then thought I was insane (so many friends and family are agreeing with that statement) for posting a picture of a wet floor. But it's clean. Trust me on this because I am not posting a picture :)

Today's post title = Ginny Owens I Am


  1. I ride around on my tractor like I know what I'm doing, and you are probably not insane - just a little un-well.

  2. Einstein took a job at the patent office to have a sufficiently mind numbing job to allow him to work out relativity.


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