Tuesday, March 27, 2012

...the thoughts of a fool thinkin' out loud

This is truly a day of random vignettes from this domestic church.  So, with no actual rhyme or reason, let's visit various snapshots and stories, shall we?

Jazz dressed as a squirrel for her class musical, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  She was adamant that the tail be furry, so I mulled over possible tail designs and constructions for several weeks.  I finally decided to sew a felt casing that I slipped over electrical wire (some thick grade that Mr. Neoclassic used when he wired the house for surround sound) and then zigzagged across layers of furry yarn to create the bushy tail look.  She was thrilled.  The play was, uhm, a second grade level play.  Since she'll probably read this, let's go with, "I was so excited to watch her on stage having the greatest time while singing her little heart out.  She sings very well - I like to think she got that part from me :)"

At Classic Rock's request, I made curried chicken pot pie for dinner last week.  He said I should photograph it and post the recipe.  I am not going to write the recipe in this post, but will do so soon.  It's an Alton Brown recipe I found on Food Network.com many years ago and it's divine.  No canned soup yuck stuff in this one!  I use my favorite biscuit recipe for the topping - a recipe I found via Cocoa.  It was very close to my own, but I liked the addition of the egg.  Curried chicken pot pie makes your whole house smell fabulous.  Glade should make this a PlugIns scent.

I spent a great portion of last week and this weekend sorting through clothes for small (and not so small) people.  We reorganized drawers and closets, weeded out too small winter stuffs, and prepped the girls' room for a paint job.  Which is what I am supposed to be doing as I type this.  Ooops!  Above is Zydeco's room and shirt pile to sort through.  He wasn't thrilled when I dumped the clothes on his floor.

Notice the Girl Scout cookie boxes I used for short term clothes sorting!  Recycling is what I call it.

This is how Irish Jig helped me clean their room.  She laid there and talked to the little people in the house for an hour or so.  This is of course a day or so before she got into my purse, took my wallet and hid it somewhere in the house.  I was supposed to take the girls out Saturday morning to buy Easter/ First Eucharist shoes while the boys and Mr. Neo were at an all day Boy Scout event.  I spent two hours tearing the house apart looking for the wallet while contemplating the destruction of a small person.

When she continued to laugh about hiding the wallet,  I picked her up and marched her squirming body upstairs and into her crib.  I needed a time out from her after the first hour of searching.  For the next ten minutes, I heard the following being yelled from her room:

  • You mean to me!
  • Dat not nice!
  • You come get me down!
  • You 'urt my fweelin's!
  • You read dis to me?
And I totally laughed until my sides hurt.  I think God truly knew I needed some comic relief about then.  I did go get her and I read The Cat in the Hat Comes Back (again!!!!!).  I found the wallet squashed in between the cushions of the living room couch and shoes were eventually purchased.

And let me just get on my soapbox for one moment about shoes for little girls.  Why do the vast majority of them look like something you'd wear if you were standing on a street corner???  They had half inch to one inch heels on sandals for toddlers, people!  She can't walk on her own bare feet in a straight line and they put heels on shoes for her? I found simple white flats, appropriate for the occasions finally, but not before passing sparkly, sequined, heeled, strappy configurations.  Maybe our children would make better moral choices as young adults if we didn't surround them with inappropriate attire as children.

Don't even get me started on low cut jeans for little girls.  I need to go paint!


  1. I'm trying to gear myself up for the big clothes switcheroo too. I am convinced about the only place to get decent clothes is the western/farm store. Those farm girls do not want hay getting in their rears so the jeans are not low cut.

  2. Cocoa! You're hilarious. I am guessing hay in your undies would make working all day quite uncomfortable. Sort of like sand in your swimsuit :)

  3. Loved this one! I'm so glad to see her playing with the doll house! Love you!


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