Thursday, March 29, 2012

I'm so excited!!!

On a total lark, I entered my name, blog and project idea into a Fat Quarter Project submissions pool for the fabulous, wonderful blog.  It's a project idea I'd been working on during the past few months, intending to use it as a sewing tutorial on the blog.  Well, I am a procrastination queen and just didn't get the finished tutorial up to the blog.  [Okay, so I was nervous to show my process to the world....or the four people who read this silly little blog].

Anyway, I recently saw the SewMamaSew request for project tutorials and I thought, "why not?"  Who'll know if they reject me?  [Everybody since I totally can't keep a secret and I would tell on myself].


Sometime in late April, I will get a project posted on their blog.  I'm so excited, I even used the Pointer Sisters to help me announce it!  If you haven't checked out their blog (which is attached to an awesome fabric store), you must do so immediately.  Many Christmas and birthday gifts for family and friends have come from their archives.  About two years ago, I emailed them to ask about different sewing machines and they even dedicated a whole month to interviewing some of the more popular sewists and bloggers about their machine choices.  I used that information as the base for my decision to purchase a Bernina.  The blog has really morphed into a platform for sharing sewing techniques, trends, and new ideas.  And I am thrilled to be included.

I just had to brag.  But no pictures yet!

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