Friday, March 30, 2012

Sleep, baby, sleep

Terrified screaming awoke me at 12:42 this morning.  Another nightmare for the littlest in the house.

I stumbled up the stairs to soothe (in mumbled, yawning jargon) and hopefully help return her to slumber.  When I leaned over her crib, she wasn't even awake; she was just thrashing.  I patted her back and the thrashing stopped as she gently opened her eyes to say, "hi Mama, I wet."  Then she gently closed them, trusting that I would rectify the annoying situation.

I did.

Then I tucked her back into her crib and went to the hall linen closet to retrieve another light blanket.  When I returned, this is what I found:

Two bunny friends clutched tightly for help during the night.

She's nearly ready for the move to a regular bed.  But I am not.  This is my last littlest one.  And I am trying (even in the darkest hours) to treasure the small sweet moments.

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  1. She looks like an angel when she is still and quiet. That state does not happen often.


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