Monday, April 2, 2012

Go your own way

I've mentioned before that Jazz will be celebrating the Sacrament of Eucharist for the first time this spring.  Mother's Day, to be exact.  We are lucky to have my parents able to join us, as well as many local friends.  We'll have a wonderful Mass celebration followed by a small party at our home.  While I am helping Jazz to prepare by studying and praying, I am also planning her dress.  The boys were, admittedly, easier - new dress pants and shoes with the excitement of a blazer and tie. 

Years ago, my mother delivered the dress I wore to my first Eucharist celebration.  A sweet white bishop style that my grandmother made and that my mother smocked.  I had sentimental visions of my own daughter in it for her celebration, but I quickly dashed those aside as this dress was from the 70's era of shorter hems for little girls.  Additionally, I had planned to make Jazz's dress just for her, as mine was made just for me.
Sweet me in my handmade Eucharist celebration dress

Following Mass, we spent Palm Sunday quietly moving about our day.  Jazz and I worked on her banner for Eucharist - it will mark her place in the worship center on that day.  She traced the symbols of the Sacrament onto felt and we talked about their meaning.  Symbols of our faith such as candles and light, the chalice, the bread/ wheat, and the grapes/ wine.  She designed her banner and I provided the glue assistance.

During this time, I talked about my first Eucharist experience and mentioned the dress made for me.  She asked to see it and I decided to do a small photo session with her.  Part of me was hoping she'd put it on and just absolutely want to wear it herself.  Humorously, someone else felt left out and demanded a pretty dress and photo session, too.

Jazz wearing my dress. She's much cuter (and thinner)!



While Jazz decided Mama's dress was indeed beautiful, she also decided it was way too short for her tastes.  You think?  You probably can't tell, but it's a good three inches above her knee.  Then I showed her a dress that was purchased for her years ago, but just never worn.  It was never the right size at the right season.  Then I moved it to the back of the closet assuming Jazz would think the style too baby - it's another bishop.
I was surprised at how well it fit, especially paired with a batiste slip I'd made her a year ago.

She put this one on and declared, "I am so beautiful in this wonderful dress, Mama. Can I please wear it?"

"Are you sure?  I will still make one for you.  I've shown you the pattern I was going to use."  I asked her.  I wanted her to feel comfortable, confident and, yes, beautiful on her special day.

She again answered positively.  She was sure.  She did ask for me to add a few small pearls to the smocked area, which I am happy to do (my mom still has a stash of the ones used for my wedding dress!)  In a bishop style, she will be a loner.  Most of the other girls (or moms) choose dresses without sleeves, with puffy skirts of satin or lacy overskirts.  But this girl knows her own mind.  She's confident and assured.

Mr. Neoclassic - we're doing okay with this one!


  1. She's so beautiful! And she bears a string resemblance to your picture too. Love the Bishop style of dress!

    1. I figured this part out, too! Thanks again:)


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