Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Prosper the work of our hands

It's Holy Week and Spring Break for us.  That means the children are home with me all week as we prepare for the Triduum celebration this coming weekend.  We've discussed sacrifice and service during Lent and have challenged ourselves to offer more to others and be more present with each other.

We've also been thinking lately of Mr. Neoclassic.  His birthday falls right around Easter every year and working his celebration into the mix is always fun.  When the children began discussing gift ideas for their father, I mentioned that we might give him our service this year.  I reminded them that a few years ago, Mr. Neoclassic moved his vegetable gardens (his hobby and passion) to a new area of the yard.  He built square foot garden beds and landscaped the border between football/ soccer/ bocci/ kid area and garden.  But he didn't ever get to add the gravel walkways into the garden area.  For the past few years, he's battled the grass and weeds that grow into and around the beds, vowing to add gravel "one day".  You know, after the roof repairs and the braces, etc.


Well, I asked the children if they'd help me gravel the area in the garden.  About 7 tons of gravel help, to be exact.  They were willing and so we moved forward with weed flaming the ground, leveling a few areas, and ordering stone to be delivered.  It's obviously not a surprise since Mr. Neoclassic was asked to pick the stone, but it was a surprise to get it completed this season.

Monday morning we watched the truck back up our driveway and dump the stone.  Why are large trucks so exciting to small (and big) people?  Zydeco manned the shoveling of stone into the wheelbarrow.  Classic Rock hauled the wheel barrow around to the rear, and Jazz helped me spread and level.  Irish Jig followed the process around, generally getting under our feet and into the way.  That's what two year old's do.


We're not done, but we made a great start.  During a break, Classic Rock entertained all with rides.  He's hysterical with his sisters.



Meanwhile, the seeds have been started and continue to flourish under grow lights in our living room.  By the end of February each year, the folding tables appear in the living room centered in front of the large picture window.  Awesome afternoon sun and grow lights nourish the seedlings until they are ready for the garden beds.  I often wonder, though, what someone standing in our front yard thinks we're growing in here?


Service was the perfect gift this year!


  1. Mr. Ferrero Rocher's birthday also falls around Easter!

    Love seeing the teenage boy entertaining his sisters. Plain awesome!

  2. I am very happy with my gift of service and the really cool new paths and patio. My kids are great!

    1. I'm thinking your wife's pretty awesome as well, buddy!


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