Monday, April 9, 2012

This is a brand new day!

Easter in this domestic church was fabulous! Oh, there was the ten minute span of chaos as everyone finished dressing and rushed out of the house for quick photos before heading to Mass. No matter how much I pre-plan, there is chaos and it's usually about getting the various heads combed. I have come to expect and mostly embrace that span.  We returned from Mass to share an Easter luncheon at our home with friends.  I love a good meal supplemented with great laughter and stories.

There was candy, new books, new balls and card games, and lots of chocolate. Lucky for us, the Easter Bunny stops in New Orleans first for one of a kind eggs.  The older children received wonderful books from the selection at St. Mary's Press.

And the parade of Easter finery:

A Nana-made dress with a Creole style bonnet - that she actually wore!

Don't you love the "just take the picture already" expressions?

And I made them stand there and take another!

The boys hid the eggs for their sisters. Irish Jig picked up about 10 before deciding she was just going to open them and eat.

Finally! A more enthusiastic smile!

Chillin' with St. Francis - Classic Rock's words, not mine!

We hope your day was fabulous, as well!


  1. Looks like you had fun.....I was telling Pete and Laurie that your bunny stopped in New Orleans first. Our bunny stopped in NOLA first this year too and I was the lucky recipient of four new coasters (K&B, Rocky and Carlo's, Seafood City and McKenzie's) and a magnet (Cooter Brown's). Couple that with a great crawfish boil and it was a fantastic weekend!

    1. I am soooo jealous about the crawfish. We can't get them here and then, if we could, my goofy children won't eat them. It's sad! I want to see those coasters because they sound awesome. How's the red bean ornament coming????

  2. Love the picture of the boys in the garden.


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