Sunday, April 15, 2012

You say it's your birthday - It's my birthday too, yeah

Yesterday was Mr. Neoclassic's birthday.  We'd previously presented him with a fabulous birthday gift and followed it up by deserting him!  The boys left early Friday morning for a weekend camping/ sailing trip with their Boy Scout troop and Jazz and I left early (way too early) Saturday morning for a Girl Scout day camp event.  Mr. Neoclassic spent his birthday with a sweet, curly headed admirer who spent the day convinced it was really HER birthday.

They started their day at a favorite Farmer's Market where he bought the coming week's veggies as well as a variety of kitschy foods like herbed goat cheese and lamb sausage.  Irish Jig lived up to her nickname by dancing happily in front of the live folk group.  Her cuteness earned her free samples at every market stall.  Mr. Neoclassic stopped at my favorite booth and bought me a gift - since it was his birthday.  I love this guy!

My booth of choice isn't veggies or even the fabulous bakery.  It's the Wild Heaven Farm goat soap lady.  I discovered her wonderful soaps several years ago at a local fair and I have been a loyal customer ever since then.  Her simple castille-style soap is my go to baby soap.  It's all I've used on Irish Jig.  After Zydeco's encounter with eczema several years ago, I switched my youngest children to goat soap.  The moisturizing properties of this soap are beyond words.   I like to gift a small bar of it, along with a crocheted wash cloth, to new babies.
The washcloths were knit for us by my sister-in-law.

See that sweet frog soap?  That's the Peaceful Patchouli scent with a fun [peace] frog shape.  That is my absolute favorite scent and it's what I use to wash my face and start my day.

Mr. Neoclassic's birthday celebration continued with a trip to his favorite plant nursery for soil, vermiculite, plants (of course!) and house plants for me.  Another gift for the non-birthday person.  He and Irish Jig spent the next few hours potting tomatoes and puttering around the yard.

That's my sweet hollyhock blooming at the back of all the newly potted tomatoes.

Dirt pie anyone?


He ended the evening at our neighbor's eating baklava and laughing over a glass of wine.  I met up with him there, where I indulged in a glass of wine after my day herding twelve little girls around acres of day camp.  Actually, there might have been two glasses and an extra piece of baklava.  I did hike all those miles.

I love that he thought his birthday was wonderful.  I love that I got presents out of it!

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  1. Who wouldn't mind spending that day with that cute little button?

    Patchouli is one of my favorite scents too! I'm a 'spice' girl. :)


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