Thursday, May 24, 2012

I'm half crazy

If you think this domestic church is all sunbeams, rainbows and angel burps, let me clear your dissolution...

It's been a quiet week for me. My children have noticed this, as have my husband and a few friends. I would say it's the necessary quiet after a few weeks of celebrations, family visits, and constant motion. My parents returned to their home on Monday. Then I had to watch and listen to Irish Jig search the house for them, as she truly didn't understand that they'd left. Her playful Papa and hugging Nana had gone. And for a few days she became that two year old terror that books describe.

She screamed, whined, complained, threw things (soup she didn't want to eat), and -my personal favorite - started unbuckling her car seat straps and climbing down from her seat while driving. Meanwhile, I felt overwhelmed and stressed. Chasing her around a few aisles of our local grocery store didn't help the situation.

After a good friend sent me an in-your-face-reality-check email about being a mom even on crappy days, I awoke today with a better frame of mind. And a happier outlook.

Irish Jig and I successfully navigated Wal-Mart and Trader Joe's. We compromised about hand holding - she wants none of it; I demand it in parking lots. She now sticks her hand in my shorts pocket and walks beside me. This works fine except that I've lost weight recently and she nearly pantsed me on aisle 9.

As we drove home today (pulling over only twice to restrap our wayward selves), I heard her start singing again.  She's stuck on "Daisy, Daisy" which is on a children's CD she listens to at naptime.

I'm half crazy...all for the love of you!

I just need some smaller pants to go with my renewed outlook and it will all be fine.

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