Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Celebrate good times

So there have been more birthday celebrations and more cake, as well as lots more laughter and memories. Some highlights of the week.....

  • My dad was pushing Irish Jig's chair closer to the table when she looked up and saw the children's portraits on the wall of the dining room. She asked, "Is that me?" He answered, "yes!". She, sighing ever so dramatically, "I so pretty!"  

 We bought cupcakes at the last minute to celebrate a half bday for her since the rest of us seemed to constantly be blowing out candles and she felt left out.
  • After putting the younger children to bed one evening, Classic Rock, my parents, Mr. Neoclassic and I wound up gathered in the living room, away from the TV, just talking. The subject turned to literature and poetry as the adults gave CR opinions of The Good Earth, his required reading book. I think Classic Rock gained a new appreciation for the adults as we all quoted portions of favorite books and poems. We laughed and traded stories about books we'd read and why [college, work, etc]. 
  • Zydeco and Jazz took full advantage of "grandparents are visiting and they'll allow us to watch TV during the week", often disappearing into the den to watch Phineas and Ferb. They were totally surprised and awed when Papa walked in, sat down and proceeded to name the characters and use the most obvious quotes for the show - "Whatcha doin?" 
  • My hydrangeas are in full bloom and I am taking full advantage by cutting new stems each day to decorate the living room and kitchen. I have one plant, but it blooms two colors - awesome! 
  •  Jazz turned 8 the day before I turned more than 8 and she and I shared another gluten free cake. Tasty, but not as good as the first. There were presents and laughter and lots of messy cake faces.
 Jumping for joy when she realized we'd arranged for summer art classes!

Does the fact that it's Fair Trade negate the calories, one wonders?
    • I realized that I inherited, or simply learned, my tendency to think in song lyrics from my father. I often heard him speaking to the kids and inserting lyrics that just fit the conversation. I only wish I could remember specific examples because some were hilarious.
     Working to fix the track in Zydeco's room

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