Thursday, May 17, 2012

You get what you need

We've needed to just relax and enjoy this week of family celebrations and simple time together with my visiting parents.  My mother and I were able to do a little sewing together. I watched her as she hand stitched the binding onto the Eucharist table runner in one day. I had the runner ready to go for her and she willingly sat on the couch and stitched. The children would wander through the den and sit to chat with her. She was able to help me and catch up with them - a total win win!

Jazz opened a few special family gifts. She was excited to receive her Celtic cross from my parents. A traditional gift for their grandchildren.
The big day was sweet, beautiful and memorable. I think little angels were flitting around our house that morning because we managed to get everyone dressed, hair styled, wreaths pinned, and shoes found ON TIME!  In fact, we were early and as any good Catholic knows, that's a sin :)

This week, Mr. Neoclassic and I treated each of the older children to a parent-approved-skip-day. Jazz chose to show her grandparents her favorite gallery, then allow them to shop with her and treat her to lunch. The boys will be leaving with them tomorrow for a short weekend trip to Maryland. They are packed, ready and willing to go to bed on time just to wake up and travel with Nana and Papa.

We've also celebrated the first of the May birthdays in this domestic church. We have three total this month and love to just eat butter cream icing for two straight weeks! Zydeco turned 11 and thoughtfully researched gluten free chocolate cakes. Nana has Celiac Disease and he decided a typical cake was out of the question. We used this recipe from King Arthur Flour and highly recommend it for any other Celiac's out there. Just ignore the number of eggs in the recipe. What you don't acknowledge can't hurt you, right?

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  1. Glad it all turned out wonderfully well and your parents were able to be there too!


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