Friday, May 11, 2012

With family and friends we share the bread and wine

 Don't let the Head Chef apron fool you!  It's Mr. Neoclassic's.  I am the sous chef and proud of it!

The serving pieces are prepped and ready - still working on the food!
 Done!  Still working on her special gift, though....
I've been quiet in this space during the week because we are excitedly prepping for visiting family, a party with wonderful, supportive friends and - most of all - a little girl's jubilant celebration of community!

While returning from Mass last weekend - where we witnessed several of her friends celebrate Eucharist - we discussed her coming first celebration. I asked if she was nervous or had any other questions. She was confident in her reply that she was ready and [good] anxious to join in the Eucharist. She pointed out (and I'd forgotten this important part) that for this Sacrament she gets to make the decision to follow Christ and be a part of Him. She reminded me that she was brought to Baptism as an infant, but this time, she comes knowingly and desirous of her partnership with Christ.

Wow! She's so ready.

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