Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Filled with gifts and filled with goodness

A very special woman is celebrating a birthday today. I would never reveal which birthday of course, but since she looks about twelve in this picture with adorable little me, I can safely assume today marks about 40 or 42, right Nana?

  Seventies hair was awesome. And I miss Dressy Bessy.

I asked our children for their thoughts concerning their love for Nana and the following responses were garnered during breakfast this morning: 

Classic Rock!
CR at 10, placing at the regional science fair
  1. She makes Italian seed cookies
  2. She always has an opinion
  3. She cooks
  4. She loves us - but mostly me!
Showing off the quilt she designed and made him (and finished before his birth!)
  1. She cares so much about us
  2. She gets to use my room when she visits and she thanks me for it!
  3. She makes great gnocchi
  4. She's my Nana!
 Learning to needlepoint
  1. She does sewing stuff with me and makes me things
  2. She kisses us and loves us
  3. She gives me gifts (good to know this one's not a material girl)
  4. She's Nana!  (apparently that says it all)
 Irish Jig!
 On the way to Mass, Jig was 6 months
  1.  I like her birthday cake (it's all about the food and she remembered the chocolate cake)
  2. Can we wear birthday hats? (she thinks there's a party here later today)
  3. I love her

My thoughts?  Well, I agree with all the children.  Her opinions are very freely given and mostly appreciated.  She'll always take time to explain a cooking process or recipe to me, usually while I am in the midst of said cooking.  She weeds through her years of fabric stashing and sends me goodie boxes of fabrics.  She also sends all the projects she or my grandmother started but didn't finish because, hey, I'm not busy and can finish them.  But mostly, she's Nana and she loves us.


  1. Happy birthday, my sweet, beautiful aunt! (You do look 12 in the top picture.) Thank you for putting up with a slew of nieces at birthday parties, family get-togethers, and sleep-overs. You were brave...errrrr... wonderful!

    1. Be very scared! I have pictures of all those birthday parties and sleep-overs. Including a fabulous shot of one of your sisters in a bucket hat:)


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