Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rain Rain Go Away

I totally get that we live in Southeastern Virginia and it's the Spring rainy season. But we're going on day five of torrential rains. And, yeah, they haven't been five in a row, but still, lots of rain and rainy car pool pickups and grocery shopping and errand running. I wish I'd been the genius who invented Crocs. A waterproof shoe with traction - awesome!

Fighting a two year old for control of the umbrella while navigating a parking lot is one of those parenting experiences no one prepares you for. I'd rather spend an hour playing pretend than do the umbrella dance again- and those that know me well understand the power of that statement.

We all know that rain is great for the plants and the lawn. The boys will testify to the hyped-up mowing schedule. This is Zydeco's inaugural mowing season and he's hilarious to watch. He mows designs into the lawn to entertain himself while working...then leaves grass Mohawks.
I was downloading pictures from my camera and found no less than 40 shots of thriving plants. Mr. Neoclassic, who normally runs in fear of camera use, strolled his gardens during a brief sunny period and recorded the growth thus far. While growing up, we called the strolling of the gardens the "Survey of the Estate" because every so often my dad would have a bad day at work and would just wander his yards checking his growies (his term). So, without further ado, images from Mr. Neoclassic's Survey of the Estate....

 Newly graveled pathway through the alley

  Loving the look of all those blooms

 Squeal! Actual zucchini! Usually they suffer squash bores by now. 

 Cone Flowers and Black Eyed Susans form a "wall" between garden and play area

First year asparagus going wild

Blueberries!  I can already taste them on yogurt, in muffins, in granola....

Mr. Neoclassic made sure we could support suburban wildlife (i.e. lots of birds and squirrels)

What's growing and thriving in your gardens and/ or green houses?



  1. I think it's time to invest in rain jackets for everyone!

    1. That's just one more wet item they'd dump on the floor by the front door! I think I'll let them drip dry....


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