Friday, June 1, 2012

See the art in me

Eight is the magic slumber party age in our household and, finally, that day came for Jazz. She simply wanted her friends to have fun doing art projects. I made a list (you knew I would) and had all the supplies ready for different art experiences. We started by having the girls use watered-down acrylic paints on fabric. I prepped 18" x 30" rectangles of white fabric (an old bed sheet) by serging the edges. They sponge painted the fabric and watched the paint seep and bleed into designs. While the fabric dried in the evening air and the girls moved onto another project, I fixed pizzas. 

  Painting, laughing, and telling really corny jokes

  Drying in the breeze 

Once dry, I did a quick rinse/ spin cycle on the rectangles and threw them into the dryer to set the paint. After a movie and lights out, I spent an hour at the machine turning the rectangles into simple drawstring bags. With colorful ribbon ties, the girls got to take home a little bag that they designed. My girls stuff their p.j.'s into the bags and hang them on the bed posts each morning. (I let Irish Jig paint a bag, too!) 

Completed P.J. bags 

Jazz also asked for new p.j.'s for her slumber party. Of course I said yes! She raided my stash and found an awesomely fun art print sent by Nana. A simple elastic waist pattern and a fancy cut swatch for the tee shirt....and you have: 
 Love the crayon print! 

And, hey, check me out! I managed to add a PIN IN button for Pinterest! Go me. And thanks, Cocoa for the tutorial. You can see me on Pinterest here.


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  1. Happy Birthday to Jazz!!! Glad to hear she had a fun sleepover. The bags sound like a fun project.


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