Thursday, April 19, 2012

I love you and you are mine

See this guy?

All photos in this post courtesy of the awesome J. Presson Photography

Those who know this family well say he's just like his Daddy, both in looks and in temperament.  But as I recently discovered, in one very important way, he is JUST LIKE HIS MAMA!

I'd like to share with y'all a little vignette from yesterday.  Classic Rock is the first to be picked up from school in the afternoons.  Irish Jig is usually still half asleep as she's been yanked from her comfortable nap and strapped into the van for car pool rounds.  This is a wonderful time for Classic Rock and me to chat about his life, his day, his dreams and aspirations (that's for you, Papa!).  I need to point out that CR and four friends recently formed a band.  They practice (thankfully not at my home) a couple of times each month and constantly talk/email/facebook music the rest of the time.  With that said, here is yesterday's after school conversation:

ME: Good afternoon!  How was your day in the salt mines?  Did you miss me?

CR: Ahh, no - didn't miss you.  Today in Spanish we finished the class work early so Phil and I worked together to make a list of songs that the band can play.  We starred the ones with instrument solos for each of us and marked which ones we need to download or buy.  I have the list and I think I am going to put it into excel so that we read it more easily.  All the stars and notes will be all "griddy."

ME: Griddy?

CR:  Yeah, you know - information in an easy-to-read grid.  Griddy.

And that was the moment I knew he was really MY child.  The one I grew and trained.  The one who loves a good list and a great spreadsheet as much as his mama.  The one who creates words to suit his needs.

You see, my friends, I have a love affair with LISTS.  I like to make them, cross items off, make master lists of the sub-lists - you name it.  I have blank index cards in my purse just in case I am suddenly in need of calming my thoughts with a list.  Making a list seems to take all the stress of "things to do" right out of my system.  Those things are written down and can be crossed through as they are completed.  Phone calls, emails, new lists, errands, chores - they are all on a list.  (My mother-in-law puts brush teeth at the top of her lists so that she'll actually accomplish something everyday!)

But an excel spreadsheet takes a list to a whole new level.  Now the list can be sorted for any reason at all.  You can set priorities, add notes, add additional spreadsheets to sub-divide a task.  Oh, excel is my friend and compatriot.  I used it for my engineering calculations and project status keeping while I worked.  I use it now to organize parties (Eucharistic luncheon plan=three spreadsheets so far), organize Christmas gifting and receiving (don't want to duplicate), tracking household purchases (I have one for each major store I shop).

Of course, seeing all that in print makes me realize that lists may not be normal.  That maybe, just maybe, I might be a bit obsessed.  I'll have to make a list of ways to solve that.

Just another great shot of great kids

A list maker and totally awesome big brother

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