Sunday, June 17, 2012

Show me the way

This father's day, I thought I'd honor the wonderful things our dads have shown us....

If it weren't for my daddy, I might not have learned how to follow all of life's rules.  I might not have become the honorable, upstanding smart-alack I am. Daddy, thanks for starting those lessons so early.

 circa 1973 - Daddy, I adore your fashionista footwear, but I also adore the completely blank stare I am giving you.  I see it so often on my own children.

We must also thank Mr. Neoclassic's dad for teaching him that laughter is, in fact, the best medicine.  A good sense of humor will get you through many a tight spot.

circa 1970 - I adore the tinsel!  We never see that anymore!

Mr. Neoclassic's lessons for his own prodigy?  Enjoy each opportunity to relax and soak in the memories.

Watching his children play in the pirate sand area at the Norfolk Botanical Garden.  We spent the afternoon there today with beautiful, breezy weather and lots of fabulous plantings.  More than once, I caught him snapping pictures of the plant markers so that he could incorporate certain growies into our gardens.

We visited the butterfly house and managed to meet a few close up.

But!  The best gift we could offer any of our dads (Papa, Grandpa, and Daddy)?

 Zydeco decided to lose a few pounds - of hair! I hadn't seen his ears in a year :)

I hope your day was also full of memories and good times.


  1. Hello Deirdre! I found your blog through the Sew Mama Sew mesh panel bag tutorial. I LOVE that tutorial and I'm really pleased with the results. I have a bunch of friends asking if I could sell bags to them, but I wanted to know first if I can have your permission to make and sell them on a small scale (just friends, no Etsy or anything like that). If not, absolutely no problem! Just thought I should see if you'd give me permission. :) Thanks! You can email me at cori dot ashley at gmail dot com.

  2. Love the family photos, especially the one of you and your father.


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