Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mother Necessity, where would we be

Since we all muddled through elementary/ high school civics murmuring "We the people, in order to form a more perfect union...", I feel justified using another School House Rocks song for a post title.

That said, I am not sure if it's Necessity or shear Laziness that brought about my earlier genius.   Today is the first official day of summer vacation for my oldest children.  The long awaited day of the year that Mama lets them sleep in and doesn't wake them for anything, barring fire or pestilence.  For Classic Rock and Jazz, this means 7:15.  For Zydeco, this means 11:00.  For Irish Jig, this means 6:45 because her days just run together.

Wanting to fix breakfast for the early risers, but not fix it again for the late riser, I opted for muffins.  Easy to mix and bake, while hearty and filling.  Once the apple cinnamon batter was mixed (a conglomeration of recipes that included substitutions for oil and less sugars), I pulled out the muffin tins and ....stopped.

I hate washing muffin tins.  Somehow, even though we have kitchen rotation chores, I always get stuck washing the muffin tins - working the dishcloth around and around each little cup.  This morning, though, I stared at the offensive tins and thought, NOT TODAY.  I have things I want to do with my kids and washing those stupid little cups was not on the list.


So I pulled out the rectangular pans and smoothed the batter into them.  I baked them according to the muffin directions and I created our newest family favorite - Pa'Nuffins!


 That's right, folks, a new word for a new food idea.  It's muffins, only better.  You can cut them to any size you want.  They are still "finger food" friendly, and, when paired with honey-topped yogurt, create a perfectly balanced meal!


Go forth and bake Pa'Nuffins - I dare you!

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  1. I will note for the record that I did not get any Pa'Nuffins. Apparently I rose too early and went to work before the creative juices were flowing.


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