Wednesday, June 13, 2012

it is a sharing in the body of the Lord

Sunday last was the celebration of the most Holy Body and Blood of Christ. Declared as such in the thirteenth century, it's a remembrance of both His Body, broken and shared for us, and His Body, the whole Church united to accomplish His work.

As you know, the Eucharist has been a huge topic for our domestic church this season. Following Mass, Jazz was excited to share that the whole Mass was about "the Communion and I am part of it now."

She was right. And she was wrong. We discussed this further over dinner, making sure she and the boys understood that the Communion was also the work of the Church. She's always been a part of that work - a part of the Church reaching out to accomplish what Christ can no longer be present [bodily] to do.

I asked the children what they thought about when receiving  Eucharist.   Classic Rock showed the wisdom of years by answering that he felt the Eucharist was a pat on the back for doing your best over the past week and thoughtfully approaching the coming hurdles.  Zydeco commented that knowing Christ was working from within helped him to make better choices.  Jazz brought us back full circle when she said that receiving Eucharist made her feel connected.  She meant connected to the others in community.  She just doesn't realize, yet, the power of those connections.

We come as your people, we come as your own
United with each other, love finds a home


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