Friday, July 27, 2012

Swing me


Guess what book we've been reading lately???? Actually, we have three in the series and they are all wonderful. I particularly love that Ladybug Girl creates her own fun and uses her vivid imagination.  For Irish Jig that imagination involves someone pushing her on the swing as Ladybug Girl flies through the air and shows her wings.


The costume is a hand-me-down (thank you very much P family girls) and is so sweet. Irish Jig demands to wear it daily, no matter what our plans. In the yard, I don't really worry about the short length. I add shorts when we venture out in public - like to the Y for Mama to attend yoga. I don't allow it at the grocery because I do actually have some standards. They are getting much lower as the summer wears on, but yes, I do have standards.


Standard dropping Mama even allowed ice cream cones for lunch yesterday. The 100+ temps might have influenced that decision.

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