Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Blue Mondays rain or shine

Yes, I know it's Tuesday. But Monday was so blue, I couldn't even sit to write this post.
Alternative title: What now, what next, where to? (Elvis, just for my mother-in-law).

So here's what's going on in this Domestic Church to make me blue....

1. We spent the weekend pulling up the kitchen floor thanks to a dishwasher overflow. We're pretty sure said overflow occurred because the minor-aged inhabitants of this house neglected to scape and rinse dishes prior to loading the dishwasher. While some folks would think the opportunity to change the look of the kitchen with a new floor would be a welcome and exciting adventure, we're pulling up a floor we installed just eighteen months ago because ....wait for it.... we had an appliance overflow.

So, to recap: We're on floor number three in less than 10 years. Not fun.

2. You'll notice no pictures in this post. I took pictures of the boys pulling up the ruined kitchen floor, but cannot get to them. They were downloaded to our desktop/ family computer where I do my blog work. Then, our computer decided not to allow anyone to open any documents or pictures. And by "not allow", I mean, "present the blue screen of death." Said computer is presently with IT Mom, a wonderful and wildly patient friend. Who might not be a friend when this whole repair job is finished.

So, to recap: Photos are trapped in our real computer. The laptop I am currently working on deserves a whole post on "working, but not really". Not fun.

3. Zydeco purchased two fire bellied toads yesterday. Gus and Shawn, after the only real (not animated) show he's allowed to watch. He researched said toads and saved his money for the tank and accoutrements, all in an effort to fulfill requirements for Reptile and Amphibian Study. While I applaud his energy and even encouraged the toad purchase (because, after all, they aren't snakes), I am still working my mind around the slimy creatures in my home. And their food source laying dormant in my fridge.

So, to recap: Cool toads in tank upstairs; weird food in fridge, separated from all people food, but still in fridge. Not fun.

4. Jazz requested to make brownies for our short, one day trip to the beach. That request thrilled the soul of this baking-Mama until she finished her supplication with, "and I want to use a box mix." O my aching heart! A box mix? What next? Biscuits from a can? I feel unloved and unappreciated.

So, to recap: Box mix brownies. Despite years of fabulous baking, I've never been able to make box mix brownies turn out correctly. I know, box mix = idiot proof.   Not fun.

I opened the door, feel free to insert the idiot joke here.  I can handle it.  I understand self deprecation.

On the bright side, I have a day at beach coming up.   No computers, no floor decisions, no appliance mishaps, no weird food sources to avoid.  Just sun, sand, family, and relaxing!

Thanks to Ella Fitzgerald for the title today!

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  1. "And their food source laying dormant in my fridge." Ewww!

    We received our package! Thank you so much!


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